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Website Design
Websites are an integral part of any business – however, small or large. As the Internet takes over our lives, it is generally felt that if you are in business you must have a website to stand any credibility. Our '10 Good Reasons' page will also explain why you should have a website. Explanations of the domain names extensions such as .com, .co.uk etc. can also be found on our 'Domain Names' page.

Spider Communications produces websites for the smaller business and/or sole trader where marketing budgets may be limited. We will arrange an initial meeting to draw up a website proposal to ensure that your needs are met. Regular contact will be maintained with you in order that any amendments and/or changes can be made whilst the website is in progress.

There are many websites which quickly become out-of-date – not only this does create a poor image but it will not encourage potential customers/clients to keep returning to your website. This can be avoided by one of two ways – either by producing a website which is not time-dependent, or, if products, events etc require to be updated, we will ensure that the updates are done on a regular basis.

In addition to building and publishing your website the following services are also available:

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Domain names Web Hosting E-mail addresses Web Forwarding Photographs